Vascio Neapolitan Experience

What we want to offer you isn’t a place to sleep (for that already exist hotels) but a true experience of Neapolitan life. At the Vascio Della Duchessa you will have the chance to stay in a typical Neapolitan vascio. The place where you will be isn’t tourist’s but part of olden Napoli. The Napoli of Totò and Edoardo De Filippo film. Napoli where people live as 200 years ago.

‘O Vascio in history

‘O vascio is a term used to small house usually ground floor on the street. A true icon of olden Napoli. Represent misery of most people in the past. History of “vascio” begins in the Middle Ages.

Many artists have been inspired by the life that reigns in this heart of Naples, including the playwright Eduardo De Filippo, who drew inspiration and brought them in many of his works: theaters of a living humanity, humble and full of feelings.

Foto di Eduardo De Filippo appoggiato al balcone di un tipico Vascio. Al Vascio della Duchessa le medesime finestre dell’immagine.
Totò nel film “miseria e nobiltà”, ambientato in parte in un vascio napoletano
Dal Film “Napoli Milionaria” scena del Vascio. Al Vascio Della Duchessa un letto in ferro battuto molto simile

What can i expect, at Vascio Della Duchessa ?

People of Naples, atmosphere of Naples. People spoken by the balconies, clothes hanging out on the street. The narrow streets for which whizzing scooters and, because of the height of the buildings, you don’t see the sun. Everyone knows and greet each other. In the alleys they speak the dialect and, if you’ren’t in Naples (and sometimes even if you are), it’s hard to make sense of it.

A bustling city full of beautiful days. Although the area is not touristy it is very well connected and the sights to see are just a few minutes away. We have prepared for you a rich collection of everything you can see, smell, touch, to make your stay even more special.

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