Vascio rudere con operaio che guarda sbigottito all’interno

The construction of Vascio dates back before the war. It’s in tuff as it was tradition for the “houses” of that time. Families who have lived there were all for rent. The property belonged to an ancient family of descendant Lombardy by the Spanish Viceroys. Last residence was in Padua, around 1700.

In the 60s the vascio was abandoned, practically reduced to a ruin. The last descendant of the owner, Anna Angelina Rita, bequeathed it to her sons (Adele and Antonio). Today belongs to Adele.

The idea to bring the Vascio to the light

It came time to decide what to do with old vascio. After much thought it was decided to rebuild and share it with the world to know the face of Naples of the past and present. The novelty is we want to offer the chance to live the true experience of Neapolitan life. After about six months of patient work was born Vascio Of Duchess (Duchess is the reference to the title of nobility of the past but also to Dux verb, to lead, to indicate the rebirth and hope to be successful over time).

Look the vascio today