Relaxing environment, where you can admire a fresco representing Naples along the entire wall. Soft lighting, comfortable bed, all accompanied by the magical atmosphere of this city. Dimensions 5 meters long by 2 wide, 1.9 meters high on average. The ceiling is vaulted.

Living Room

Our living room has a comfortable sofa bed with bottom drawer, a tiled stove creates a romantic effect. Area: 25 square meters, height 4 meters.


Equipped with every comfort, including induction plate with instructions in 6 languages. However, it does not give in to the quaint charm of this eternal city. Mini refrigerator.


Even for the bathroom we tried to keep a style that does not upset by the nature of a true Neapolitan vascio and made you feel at home. It equipped with all the health and with some characteristic touch that highlight the peculiarities. The shower has an opening of about 45 centimeters, might give you problems if you are overweight, obese person can’t access it.

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Special surprises await you. An example? An old sink with a basin, widely covered in the past from Puglia to Gaul, was considered a symbol of prestige, generally obtained as a gift or through trade. Present in the vast majority of black and white films that have made the history of Naples.

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