Where We Are

Il Vascio Della Duchessa is in Via fasulla 123, Napoli (NA). Longitude and latitude coordinates are: 40.857048 e  14.250318. Below a photo of the entrance and the point on Google Maps :

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How To Reach Us

From Napoli Central Station

Public Transport

It takes about 15 minutes. From the central station you have to take the subway to Piazza Cavour (one stop) and then walk for 8 minutes


By car it takes 10 minutes, you can take a taxi or request our shuttle service. You will find taxis outside the station.

From Napoli Capodichino (Airport)

Public Transport

We move by bus, just outside the airport. At 900 meters the stop Maddalena – Briganti where we expect the M1, 20 minutes, it will leave at Piazza Cavour. From there, the usual 8-minute walk. Warning: the buses do not pass in the evening.


It is just 16 minutes and is almost all straight road. Also here you can choose taxi or shuttle service

How to Request our shuttle service

Each service can be requested upon booking, through our page book.


The parking is just next to the house, it’s a reserved space through a wall bar adjacent to the road. The car must be parked next to the wall to avoid invading normal car traffic. However, it is a residential street, therefore trafficked mainly by other residents. It may be inconvenient for very large or particularly long cars. I remember you it is a service that we offer for free and on request (subject to availability because I use that for my car), so you can alternatively park your car in the garages in the immediate vicinity.